Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baker athletics

Cooper first met Wowzer (Baker's wildcat mascot) back in August at a back-to-school event. He was none too thrilled and cried when Wowzer touched *my* hand. But slowly, throughout football season, he's become more and more enamored with Wowzer. We always have to find him and wave. And we played peek-a-boo from a distance. And then check this out:
Cooper gave Wowzer five!
And then he spent the rest of the football picking up trash and throwing it away.

The next time we saw Wowzer, Cooper was brave enough to move in for a hug.
And just after Alan snapped this picture, Cooper gave the sweetest smile! He loves Wowzer now!

We all went to the Baker U Ultimate Frisbee tournament one Saturday. Alan actually played (on their *varsity* team -- he's quite the big shot!), and Cooper and I just cheered the team on.

Until Cooper found this billboard with a picture of Wowzer.
This is him kissing Wowzer.

And finally, a basketball game. (Playing peek-a-boo, of course.)
We were sitting on the sidelines because painted on the wall above us was a picture of Wowzer.


Anonymous said...

How much eligibility does Alan have left? Is the NCAA aware of his participation. I'd hate to see Baker put on double secret probation.


Anonymous said...

I think I'd be wary of Wowzers, too. His furrowed brows make him look kind of angry. Glad Coop made a friend, though!