Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If I had a million dollars

We caved.

But let me explain some important factors that affected our decision.

First, Cooper loves to sit in anything that he can drive.

Which can be unfun for Alan and I, depending on the weather, which as you may have noticed is getting progressively worse.

He even treks out to the barn to sit on the lawnmower:

Second, he loved the little red and yellow car in the hospital. LOVED. It. And seriously, if I had an unlimited supply of money to buy things that make him that happy, I'd be darn tempted.
Third, the day before we went to the hospital, we bought a new truck-like thing at Toys R Us for Coopie. So we decided to return it, and buy the magic red and yellow car instead.
And boy is it magic.

Parked by the table during dinner:
And with a new bumper sticker (that Alan made me remove):
Now, we have to be strategic about when we leave the car out. I have to hide it before he wakes up in the morning, or we'll never get out of the house!


Unknown said...

Notice it's even called "The Cozy Coupe."
If you disregard the spelling, it's like it was made specifically for him!

The Hudson-Vadnais' said...

hurray! Best parents ever.