Thursday, May 15, 2008

At play

Watching the cows, although Cooper's "moo" has turned into "mee" lately.

Coop's been trying to learn how to pour or dump things out of a container. So far, he's managed an over-the-shoulder pitch. It works, but can get a little dicey with golf balls raining down on his head.

I've learned to pick my "No mouth" battles. Dimes, small rocks, sharp things: No mouth! Dirt, carpet fuzz, cat hair, kleenex: Meh. It's yucky, but eat it if you want.

This made me cry:
Let me explain. First, ignore the empty Diet Coke bottle. It's one of Cooper's fancy toys. Second, the aluminum can lid isn't sharp. We used one of those magic can openers that doesn't leave any sharp edges.
Anyway, there's a sticker of a dump truck on the back of the can lid. The other day, he picked that one up (out of the 25 different pictures) and rolled it across the floor making a car engine sound. Where do they learn these things?! Seriously, most of the time I am just in awe of Cooper.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in awe of him, too. Smart little guy!
Aunt Jill