Wednesday, July 04, 2007

We're packing up...

We've been to Kansas to close on the new house. We're back in Illinois for a few days packing up and finishing some last-minute projects. The movers arrive Thursday to pack the rest of our stuff, and they'll load the truck on Friday. And then we're outta here.

Hard telling when we'll have the computer out and our internet up and running, so I thought I should post a few pictures now. Enjoy....

I'm not sure why Alan and Cooper are always smiling, and Coop and I apparently spend our time passed out on the couch.

P.S. Anyone want to buy a house in Tuscola?


Anonymous said...

I've always dreamed of having a vacation home in Tuscola. Have you tried burying a statue of Saint Joseph, patron saint of Home Builders?

"The statue should be placed in a hole in the backyard upside down, with his feet toward heaven, facing the home."

What the heck, can't hurt?!?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I want to buy your beautiful house in Tuscola! Good luck with your move and congratulations on the new house. I hear its great, too. I will be helping with a move this weekend, but on a smaller scale. I'm helping Bailey move to her new apartment (well first to storage and then two weeks later, the new apartment). You guys be sure and rest a lot when you get settled in. I'll bet you're very tired. - Aunt Jill

Anonymous said...

Cooper looks so much like Emily in the multi-colored shirt photo! What an adorable little man. (No, Alan, I'm not talking about you. I'll leave the adoration of you to my father.)

Good luck with the move!