Friday, March 11, 2011

A week in the life...

Monday: Moustache Monday as part of the college's homecoming festivities.

Tuesday:  Toy gun?
Nope.  Toy starter pistol for the race Cooper organized around our apartment.  Take that, childhood obesity epidemic.

Wednesday:  Homecoming!  Cooper was asked to be the mascot for the Harlaxton Lions basketball team.  Our school color is blue, so I had Coop wear his Blue's Clues outfit and I went on a hunt for a lion mask.  I ended up buying a fur vest thing at a charity store and then cutting off the hood for Cooper to wear as his mane.  On top, he wore his king crown.
Coop attended the pregame pep rally and got the team fired up with a "ROAR!"

Wednesday night:  The Spring 2011 Harlaxton Homecoming Court:
King Phil Collins (#24), Queen Josh Rydberg (#7) (don't ask...), and Prince/Mascot Cooper.  (Coop actually got the second highest vote total to be King!  Better watch your back, Phil!)

Thursday:  I found the McDonald's!  It has free wi-fi, so I worked there for an afternoon.  I also ordered a large Diet Coke.  Apparently size inflation hasn't reached England yet.  The large I ordered was only as big as the mediums back home.

Friday:  Coop wore his tiger costume for the first time.  It's one we brought from home, but he hadn't yet worn it around the castle.

Whew.  Busy week.

[Note:  The author has taken some artistic license with the precise timing of all of these events in order to make the narrative flow better.]

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