Monday, March 07, 2011

A batch of miscellaneous pictures

This chocolate bar showed up in one of our sack lunches:
I ate it (and liked it!) just to spite them.

Alan's got an extra-curricular activity.  He and three other faculty/spouses serve as barristas every Monday and Wednesday afternoon, whipping up lattes and cappucinos for the students.
It's become very popular, particularly since the drinks are free!

"Hey look -- this car says my name!"

And this sign says Daddy's name!

One place we stayed had bunk beds and Cooper was in love!  He spent lots of time climbing up and down the ladder and standing on top of the bed.  Luckily, the beds were wide enough that I could sleep with him on the top bunk to keep him from falling out.

Every morning, Coop and I wait outside to catch the 10:10am shuttle into town.  At that same time, Alan is usually working in the library, so Coop stops to chat with him (hanging out the window) before we leave for school.

Cooper and I with Pastor Jones Eyles from New Life Fellowship, our church in Grantham:

And finally, a photo from this morning -- Alan's 44th birthday!  Coop and I picked out some fun presents: a Superman hoodie, Heat Force thermal socks (2.5 times warmer than regular thermal socks!), a hot water bottle of his very own, and a fuzzy blue cover for his hot water bottle.
(Can you tell that Alan's been cold every minute of every day since we've been here?)

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