Monday, March 21, 2011

Nooks and Crannies around the Manor

The longer we've been here, the more time we've had to explore the castle we call home.  We've made some fun discoveries.

This small little doorway is at the end of the hall right before you get to our room.  We had a brief glimpse into it when we first arrived, but it's usually padlocked shut.

Mr. Joe, one of our favorite maintenance workers, heard us playing in the room one day, knocked on our door, and offered to show us inside this secret door.
It's an old train track.  Way back when, a train with supplies for the manor would roll right into this passageway and dump its goods down the chutes on either side.  Coal or wood for the house fires, potatoes or other food stuffs, etc.

At the end of the tunnel is another locked door with this sign:
We didn't ask, and Joe didn't offer, to open this door.

Another day, our friends Jack and Abby offered to show us around the woods behind the manor.

Abby had previously scoped out this hideaway under a ginormous canopy of brush.  I'm guessing at one point it was a drinking spot for college kids.  But the six-and-under crowd has reclaimed it now.

There's even a cute little chandelier (for candles) handing on a branch.

This is another of Cooper's favorite little places.   It's just a small cranny along the stairs coming down from the floor above ours.  He stops there every time and calls it his "house."

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Hello, could you tell me where this is please?
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