Monday, March 27, 2017

March misc

Assembling a lego set he got for his birthday:

Too sleepy to get out of the way while I made my bed in the morning:

It's an 80s party!!!

My students dressed up for an 80s murder mystery party!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hernia Surgery

Over spring break, Coop had surgery to repair a hernia (he had the same surgery on the opposite of his body two years ago, so we knew a bit what to expect).  Here was his face after drinking "happy juice" in preparation to go back to surgery.

He insisted on wearing the mask, which caused the nurses to mistake him for the surgeon.  Luckily, he's watched MASH, so he knew some surgery words to say.

The surgeon came out after the procedure was over and told us it went well.  Except, she said, they had a little trouble starting the anesthesia.  "Oh really?  What happened?"  Apparently, Cooper wouldn't stop talking and asking questions about all of the things and people in the room.  Heh.

Coming out of anesthesia...

Coop and I spent the next four days at home, watching movies, playing board games, assembling lego creations.  He handled the recover like a champ!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Pre-Spring Break Trip

Carrie and I took the kids to Lake of the Ozarks last weekend (the start of Carrie's spring break):

We went on a two-hour two-mile hike:

 (Eleanor's name in sticks!)

And then we spent two hours in the pool:

And then we rested.  A lot!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Early March

Coop hosted a birthday party for Alan at his house.  He and Eleanor had a grand time playing outside in the leaves:

Coop's classroom had a Work Fair, and he displayed his research work on the Miracle on the Hudson:

Thursday, February 23, 2017


For Coop's and Alan's birthdays, we had photos taken at Shawnee Mission Park.  It was one of those 70-degree February days.  Lovely!

Coop got this snake poster for his birthday.  We had it framed and hung it up in his room:

Speaking of snakes, we gave ours a bath.  She's been having trouble shedding, and the pet store worker said that getting her wet would help.  It did, and she didn't hate it as much as we thought she might!

Speaking of pets, Coop's fish died and we gave away the hermit crabs.  Instead, we bought a leopard gecko!

Super cute!  We haven't quite settled on a name yet, but Klinger (from MASH) is the lead contender.

 The assistant teacher in Coop's classroom drew this picture of him on his birthday.  It's fabulous, so I had it framed!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Birthday festivities, part 2

We had a birthday party at the house for Coop and his friends.  And we hired Mr. John Weaver, a magician, to entertain the troops:


I made Coop pose for a sad face picture since his cake had a grammatical error on it:

We fixed it with a chocolate chip:

Thursday, February 16, 2017

We moved our tree out of Cooper's room (where it was bending up against the ceiling) to the space by the front door where it has tons of room to keep growing!

Relaxing in a lavendar bath to help ease sore throat pain:

A hair cut, with "product" and a style!

At karate.  Coop's decided he's not having a good time.  Despite laughing and clowning around with his friends, every time he made eye contact with me, I got the grumpy face: