Saturday, January 15, 2011


We didn't bring a ton of toys with us, so we told Coop that we could go to a store and pick some out once we arrived.  (There are tons of good thrift stores (called "charity stores") in Grantham.)

His top two MUST HAVE requests once he saw them were this cash register set (a play "till") and the small red tea set sitting beside him.  Usually when we're shopping, I can convince him to change his mind or sway him to some other (less expensive or less loud or less messy) toy, but these two were deal breakers for him.  And so far, they've been worth it.
(Except that now Alan and I have to sit and play grocery store or tea party.  They're not great toys for independent play!)

Last Saturday, the college held its opening reception and welcome dinner.  It's one of the few times that faculty wear academic robes and family members are asked to dress in "smart" dress.  Right.  We didn't bring "smart" dress for Cooper, unless his Santa costume counts.  So we quickly bought some corduroys and a sweater to go with the hat he got for Christmas (thanks Ellen and Grandma!):
(And his rain boots, of course.  "Wellies," they're called here.  They go with everything.)

Here's our little smartly dressed family:

The reception started at 7pm (which is, incidentally, Cooper's usual bedtime).  It was not a quiet affair with 175 students and 40 faculty/family members milling around drinking wine.  And yet:

Faculty members and their families had to march into the dining hall, lead by a bagpipe (also not quiet).  Coop slept through it all.  He finally woke up when his rainboot fell off as we were sitting down to the table.

After his power nap, he seemed to enjoy dinner.  At least the rolls and chocolate cake.  (That's my boy!)

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