Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun photos around the castle and around town

The phone booth in the castle:

No seriously.  It really is.

A big snooker table down in one of the lounges:

The Bistro is the pub in the basement of the castle:

The fancy elevator.  It's amazingly quiet and slow. 
We got stuck it in once already, but it wasn't too bad because you can see out and can talk to people and can breathe without worrying about running out of air. And it only took 20 minutes or so for someone to handcrank the thing back up to the right floor!

At last!

We saw this store in Grantham and it looked familiar, and yet different at the same time...
(The US version is TJ Maxx.)

We found these fabulous ride-on toys in a shopping center near the Grantham bus stop:

A pirate ship!!!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Jill

Unknown said...

Wow, I forgot about the phone booth in the manor! I bet Cooper is LOVING that place. So much awesome stuff to explore!

Also, he is rocking that pirate hat.

DMcC said...

Me thinks me sees a pirate at the snooker table. Aye, matey!!