Friday, January 28, 2011

The Fire Station

During the first week of classes here, we had two accidental fire alarms (apparently the detector in room 503 is really sensitive, or the girls there are really careless) and one planned fire drill.  Coop and I were only in the building for one of them, but it woke us up!

We grabbed coats and shoes and headed outside.  I'm pretty sure we were the last ones out of the building -- we've got lots of stairs and one of us has really short legs.  But we made it.

And then we got to see the fire truck arrive!  The fire fighters were wearing yellow uniforms, just like Coop's fire fighter costume.  So as soon as the alarms were turned off, we rushed back up to our room, put on Coop's fire fighter costume, and ran back downstairs to show the fire fighters.  But alas, they were already gone.

So one day (probably a Friday -- have I mentioned that we don't have school on those days?!), we headed into Grantham, hopped into a cab, and asked it to take us to the nearest fire station.

Most of the fire fighters were busy that day, but one was available to show us around (and admire the costume).  Coop loved it.

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Unknown said...

That's a great Friday activity!