Monday, August 16, 2010


So Coop finally started preschool last week.  I was ready for that next step for him, but we were also sad to leave Miss Brenda, who's watched Coop for 2.5 years now.

We took her flowers on our last day:

And we picked out a little cactus plant to take to Coop's classroom on the first day.  (The parent handbook said we could bring a flower or something to put on the snack table to share with everyone.)

Here's the "first day of school" photo:

And here he is at his preschool, Raintree Montessori School in Lawrence.  It's a sweet place, and I think he'll really love it.  Frankly, it's the kind of place Alan and I would like to spend our days, if we could!
I promised myself I wouldn't add to the stress of the first day by forcing Coop to take a picture at the school (on one of my visits, I saw a mom taking pictures of the little girl and the dad video-taping the mom taking pictures).  But he was perfectly willing to pose out front.

And here he is (at the end of the day -- notice how hot and red and sweaty he is!), showing me the place on the shelves where he can store his things:
So far, he seems to really like it. 

It can't hurt that they go swimming twice a day!

In other "transition" news -- Coop got his first black eye.  He and Parker collided while running circles around Parker's house.  Cooper is just slightly taller than Parker so Parker's forehead caught him right on the cheekbone.

This is about two hours afterwards:

And the next morning:

And the day after that:

Still noticeable a week later.  Alan tried to teach him to say "You should see the other guy," but so far, he doesn't think it's funny. 

Poor kid.  We've had a big summer of injuries -- the collarbone, the goose egg, and now this.  Plus a few smaller forehead knots in between.  When is the stage when he sits quietly in the living room reading with us?


Karen said...

Oh how fun! We've been discussing taking Zooey to Raintree Montessori when the time comes, too. You'll have to tell me if Coop continues to be excited about it. It's hard to believe he's already going to preschool! He's getting to be such a big boy.

Boo to the black eye. Poor Coop has definitely had his share of injuries this summer.

The Kane Family said...

I know, right? Lovely picture and story-board, Miss Emily. Looks like he had a good time and that all involved have the potential to have nothing but overall positive experiences with the entire experience. Good job, Coopenator! P.S. ... Next time, watch where you're going...and the same can be said to little Parker! Love it. His shiner reminds me of The Little Rascals for some reason...