Monday, August 09, 2010

Last photos from San Diego

One of my college roommates lives in San Diego, and she drove over to the hotel to see us!
I hadn't seen Laurie since graduation, so it was fun to catch up and introduce her to Cooper!

Exhausted after a hard day of vacation:

We spent most of Monday in various airports, and at one place, our plane was delayed so we had about 3 hours to kill.  We rode the escalator probably about 127 times.  Cooper carrying Jenny's princess rolly bag, and me following behind.
On the plus side, he learned how to get on and off an escalator by himself.

My other airport trick:  the new ipod that I got for my birthday.
I had downloaded a Scooby Doo episode, and Coop watched it four times during the course of our trip from San Diego back to Wichita.

What a great trip!  No agenda other than eat, play in sand, rest, repeat.


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