Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cadillac Lake, Michigan

These handsome men:
are the Nugents -- Joe, John, and Tim.

We spent a couple of fun days with them up in a cabin on Cadillac Lake, Michigan.

Coop was excited to have some new people to play with:

Especially since they were willing to play pirate swordfight with him:

We got suited up for a boat ride:

Coop spent the entire time like this:
Too loud for his taste.

And the rest of the weekend, Coop mostly spent running down
and back on the dock.
And he never once fell in.

One last picture, just because I took it and I think it's great:
John and the boys jumping off of a breakwater (a big wall).

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Anonymous said...

Cooper is fun to play with. I've got a couple of used light sabers at home you can have when he reaches his star wars phase.