Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunny San Diego

We took a vacation with Alan's family (minus Grandpa Jerry, who stayed home to look after critters, and one niece, who stayed home to be with her boyfriend *I'm loooking at you Bailey*) to San Diego.

We stayed at the famous Hotel Del Coronado:

It's right on the beach (hence all the sand in the above picture), so we spent a lot of time playing near the water.

Cooper wasn't too sure about it, though.  He would wade in a few inches and then run away because the waves were "chasing" him.

(The rock formation in the distance is Point Loma, home to lots of US Navy people and boats and planes.)


Karen said...

So I just clicked on the hotel link, and apparently this is where they filmed Some Like it Hot! I know Lindbergh and Edison and a bunch of other people were there, too, but... but... Some Like it Hot! Anyway, I'm glad you guys had a fabulous time on your trip, and I hope Coop eventually made friends with the ocean.

The Kane Family said...

the beach shots are cool...especially the panoramic on the bottom....