Monday, July 05, 2010

Fourth of July

The Lynch family joined us for some Fourth of July celebrations, including a trip to our town pool (free on the 4th and serving free hotdogs) and a few fireworks back at our place.

Cooper was not sure about the fireworks:

And he soon found my side:

But that wasn't good enough, so we went into the breezeway when the guys were shooting loud screeching or booming fireworks:
"Cover my ears harder, Mama."

Parker thought the same thing:
(Isn't Kristen's pregnant belly cute?!  She's due July 27 with another boy!)

I finally talked Coop into holding sparklers, which he liked because they're silent.

And then our holiday ended in tears.

Warning:  Photo ahead is not for the faint of heart.

Coop was running around the yard and slipped and fell on the concrete.  I saw his little head bounce and a goose egg appeared instanteously.  Yikes. 

I got a little spoiled since Coop was such a late walker and then was always a pretty cautious walker.  We haven't had any forehead goose eggs until now.  And man, does it freak a Mama out.

So we spent another 30 minutes watching tv in my bed like this:
Coop with an ice pack on his forehead, me furiously reading Toddler 411 to find out what the heck to do with a giant goose egg, Parker sucking on his fingers and playing with Kristen's ear lobe (both of which he does when he's tired).

Whew.  Time for bed.


The Kane Family said...

Those are great. Don't feel bad...Christopher is completely petrified of fireworks. He spent almost the entirety of last night with that paranoid look and jumping at every crack of fireworks. He wasn't comforted long with either Colleen or me...we ended up going home and he fell asleep...which is great because he sleeps hard.

Sorry about the goose egg...

Kristin looks good being 9 1/4 months pregnant. Colleen is actually due the same day as she is, but we don't know the gender of the baby. Colleen's at the "I just want this thing out of me" phase now...any day I suppose.

Regardless, nice set of shots here.

The Hudson-Vadnais' said...

Kristen looks amazing! A much prettier bump than Cooper's.

In general:

*any loss of consciousness or change in mentation (confused, dizzy, not making sense)=trip to Dr.
*vomiting following head trauma=trip to doctor
*changes in vision/hearing/pupils=trip to doctor
*a depressed, rather than raise area, or a depressed area that quickly becomes raised=trip to doctor
*bloody or clear drainage from ears, nose, mouth or eyes=trip to Dr.
*blackened eyes, bruised bony area behind ear=trip to Dr.
*changes in gait or consciousness in a 24 hour period=Dr.

A raised, localized, moveable lump that responds well to ice and does not result in changes in consciousness or general wellness is probably soft tissue trauma. But children who act unwell in a period (24-48) hours after head trauma, even if they were fine previously, should go to the doc. Also, it's never a bad idea to measure a lump (draw around it with a pen, and compare it's height to a spot on the same pen) once you've completed ice therapy. If the area continues to swell=Dr.

I SO hear you on the physically cautious kid, thing.