Monday, July 26, 2010

First official trip to the dentist

Time for Coop to go to the dentist.  For real, not just tagging along with us to see the office.

This is Nurse Michelle (ok, so she's not really a nurse, but that's an easier title to give her than Hygienist Michelle).  She's introducing Cooper to Ms. Squirty, the water shooter thing.

And here he's meeting Mr. Thirtsy, the suction thing.

The light is so bright!

Checking his teeth (after he found some sunglasses, of course).

Nurse Michelle uses Mr. Tickles to polish Coop's teeth with cotton candy flavored paste.

And then Dr. Chris, the dentist comes in for a check.

No cavities!  Which is fantastic news, given how many cavities I have.  When Alan goes to see Dr. Chris, he always says something like "You make my job so easy!"  The joke around our house is that I must make his job profitable then. 

Here's hoping Coop gets Daddy's cavity-resistent teeth, but my don't-need-braces alignment.


The Kane Family said...

good show, lad

Karen said...

So glad to hear Coop had a pleasant first dental experience! It probably helped that his new friends were limited to Mr. Squirty, et. al, and didn't involve an encounter with Mr. Scrapey. Good job, Coop!