Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weekend trip to Lyons

Cooper seemed particularly nervous about safety, so he strapped on this helmet for the drive to Lyons:

Bedtime usually goes pretty well at Grandma and Grandpa's house, but I need to make a mental note for next time:  either let him play with toys for 30 minutes before bed, or take them out of his room completely.  I went to check on him after about an hour and found this:

He eventually got settled into the Toy Story sleeping bag, and he seemed quite pleased to actually be using it for the first time!

In the morning, we headed to Hutchinson to walk (Alan ran) a 5K race as part of the Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale.

And then on to the Mennonite food:
Cooper loved the cherry moos (pretty much like pudding with cherry pie filling cherries in it) and the zwiebach (rolls).  I don't think he ate his sausage, mostly because he was distracted by the cherries.

The Mennonite sale is a huge deal, held at the state fair grounds.  And they happened to have one of the "rides" open -- a giant slide. You climb three (four?) stories, sit on a piece of burlap, and slide down. 

Coop wanted to go.  (What?  Really?  Wouldn't you rather stand down here at the bottom and pretend that this stick is a trumpet?)  And he didn't flinch climbing up all of the stairs, except to tell me to let go of him because he could climb by himself.

So we went.  (As did Grandma Joan, in the pink.)

Coop fell asleep before we hit the city limits on our way out of Lyons, and he didn't wake up until we pulled into the garage in Baldwin.
And look -- his first kool-aid moustache!


Karen said...

Hahahah....I love the Kool-aid mustache. And what a fantastic slide!

The Kane Family said...

I LOVE THAT SLIDE!!!!! We might have to make a trip for that next time we're in Kansas