Thursday, April 15, 2010


Art in 3D:

Making pictures with coins (courtesy of Highlights magazine -- thanks Grandma Joan!):

Crazy train track Cooper and Daddy built:

My friend Thomas has a son Christopher who's a year younger than Cooper (he turned 2 earlier this month).  Thomas posted on his blog some videos of Christopher playing football.  Christopher holds the football like he's the center, Thomas says "hike," and Christopher takes off running.  (Without the football and in the wrong direction, but still he's got the basic idea.)

I got a little nervous after watching these videos.  Not in a comparative parenting kind of way, but just in a "oh crap my kid isn't going to know how play on the playground" kind of way.  The last time I asked Cooper what a football was, he suggested "rock?"  So I figured we better head outside for some sports play. 

We picked a great spring day, took out the kickball (starting basic, and then we'll move up to odd-shaped balls), and played around a bit.  I turn my back for a minute, and see this:
Cooper found a stick and started playing the "trombone."  

So if music is where our talent and interest are, we'll run with it.  Here are Cooper and Parker rockin' their harmonicas:


The Hudson-Vadnais' said...

Dude, someone has to take care of halftime.

The Kane Family said...

I don't know if those videos prove that Christopher has the does prove, however, that like his father, he has a hard time figuring things out!

I love the tree limb trombone thing, too...that is completely awesome.