Monday, April 26, 2010


Alan ran a 5K race recently.  Coop and I served as the cheering crew.  Our "Go Daddy" sign really helped, I think.

I can't remember what Coop was waiting for here, but I liked the pose (and the reflection in the table).  It has a very "1993 senior picture" feel to it.  (*ahem* not that I would know...)

Cuter, but not in focus:

Cute teeth!

We planted a small pot of sunflowers.  Coop wanted to watch it grow:


Rhonda said...

The senior picture reflection is perfect!! (Not that I would know about 1993 Senior Pics either....)

Karen said...

What a great cheering section! And I love the senior picture, too. So sweet.

The Kane Family said...

good photos...nice work on the sign.