Thursday, September 24, 2009

We love garage sales.

Mr. PotatoHead (and Mrs. PotatoHead, not pictured) and a bucket of accessories: $1.00

Boomtown + 7 cars: $1.00
Boomtown opens up from a country-scape to a city-scape (complete with highrises and a viaduct) and it comes with 7 little tiny cars to maneuver around the town. Cooper slept with it in his bed for a couple of days after we brought it home.

Cardboard construction site cut-out: $1.00

Wooden cube with beads on all sides (strategically purchased the morning of a long car trip): $1.00


Karen said...

Score! That construction site cut-out is awesome. I love his little face peeking through it. And you can't go wrong with Mr. Potatohead and family!

The Kane Family said...

It was all worth it just for the Mr. Potato Head....I do love those boxes with all the beads, too...