Monday, September 07, 2009

The comedian

Uncle Toban does stand-up comedy. Looks like Cooper may be following his footsteps.

Here, he plays the straight man, using physical humor and a dead pan delivery to get a laugh.

And here, the more traditional joke rendition:

(I promise, if he does become a comedian, I won't be a stage mom who stands in the back to make sure everyone's laughing at her shining star. But since it's sometimes hard to understand a toddler unless you are proficient in 2-year-old speak, let me clarify that the punch line is (supposed to be) "Don't cry. It's only a joke!")


Karen said...

Ha! These are both very funny, but the first one is classic! I just can't resist a good bit of physical humor. Go Cooper! :D

The Kane Family said...

I love the physical humor..and, Emily, don't deny your destiny of stagemom'dom....let it happen, don't fight it!