Thursday, September 17, 2009

New things

This little gizmo kept Cooper occupied for quite a long time.

It's a syringe (not the needle kind) that the doctor gave us for taking medicine.

Cooper figured out that it comes apart (into 5 easy-to-lose pieces), and he spent lots of time tinkering with it, putting it together, taking it back apart, losing the tiniest piece, crying until I found it, and putting it together again.

Unrelated, but also new -- a forklift came to our house!!

It was used to lift the hottub out of our deck (we passed the hottub along to someone who would use it more). And Cooper got to sit in the forklift!
With no pants on, of course.

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The Kane Family said...

Cooper appears to be some sort of Renaissance to analyze and manipulate small queries as well as take on such grand tasks as plowing...I'm not sure what he was plowing or even if that was some sort of plowing apparatus, but I am still quite amazed at his ability to adapt on the fly like that! I love the pics on the tractor-thingy