Monday, March 30, 2009

Cooper's Camera

Cooper got a kid digital camera for Christmas. Here he is using it as a phone:

And finally using it as a camera:

But he points the camera backwards so he blinds himself with the flash, and we get lots of pictures like this:

Other pictures:

I sent the camera to daycare with him one day, and it came home with 274 pictures on it. This is Cooper and his friend William:

The camera also has icons you can use to enhance your pictures if you line things up carefully:

Aunt Carmen and Uncle Toban in a festive winter scene:

Daddy picking Cooper up from daycare:

1 comment:

The Hudson-Vadnais' said...

so awesome. I once let Gus hold my camera for, truly, just a few minutes when he was fussy in his carseat and he managed to take 81 pictures of his carseat buckle.

You have to save at least 200 of Cooper's set just in case he turns out to be the next Ansel Adams or something.