Thursday, March 05, 2009

My goodness, we love drumming.

Using the ice-scraper-pedal on the plastic-bowl-bass-drum.

Using the tree root as a bass drum pedal.

Directing the pep band. (Note he's switched from snapping and directing with a closed fist, to the pointing method now.)

Dream come true! Mr. Nate let Cooper play his drums!

Our own make-shift trap sets at home.
(Sans shirt, of course, like the real rockers do it.)


Anonymous said...

I've got some slightly used drums in the basement you can have. They're from Toys R Us and I'm not kidding, a lifetime warranty.


Rhonda said...

Why can't our kids come up with quieter things to love to do???

The Kane Family said...

Who is that drummer there? Keith Moon (sans the drug addiction and eventual overdose)? Very fun stuff. You really make me wish I lived closer to Baker when I peruse the blog and see his interactions with the groups.