Thursday, April 02, 2009


When Grandma and Grandpa Farm (my mom's parents, who lived on a farm... duh) died, one of mom's cousins bought their house and farm. The cousin then sold the house to a woman from a nearby town, who moved it to a piece of land she owned.

When we were back home over Spring Break, we drove by the Farm House (always capital letters in my mind) at its new location. There's a semi-long story about what happened next, but the short version is that we got to go inside! The woman who now owns the house hasn't yet done anything to the inside, but she has plans to fix it up and live there soon. But for now, it looks just like it did when Grandma and Grandpa lived there! Only much, much smaller -- how on earth did we fit 11 people in there for Christmas?!

Anyway, I now have pictures of Cooper exploring the house of much-loved relatives he never got to meet. How priceless.

Here's Cooper inside the little closet up in the guest bedroom that Grandma used as her office. Yes, that's her bulletin board still nailed to the door.

And the stairs. Where my cousin Tyler and I had to sit holding hands until we stopped fighting. Where we took the Grandkid picture at Christmas some years. Next to the bannister that held our Christmas stockings.

As we walked up the stairs, the lady said, "I guess I don't have to tell you to be careful because the stairs are really narrow." No. No, you sure don't.

One of our projects over break was to help Mom and Dad repaint this sign (Top View Ranch was the name of Grandma and Grandpa's farm) and relocate it at the pasture that Mom and Dad now own.

Cooper and Prince (the dog) were not much help with this task, but they had a great time playing by the pond!

And finally, I can't resist -- a few more Zoey pictures. And then really, girl, get your own blog. You're cute enough -- you deserve one!

Here's hoping this yawn means that you're a good sleeper!

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The Hudson-Vadnais' said...

So cool that Cooper got to explore the house--and how strange was it to leave the home and walk out to a completely different street? Such an interesting post, thank you for sharing it!

Your niece is so darling--those cheeks kill me!