Monday, March 26, 2007

Funniest birthday card!

Alan received the following birthday note from my Dad, along with two quarters and three pennies taped to a notecard. Man, we laughed and laughed!


Joan left me with the Honey-Do job of getting you a birthday card. Of course, I have nothing else to do except build my house all day. [Note: My folks were in the process of building a new house.] To save time, I called Dollar General and Teri [the manager and a friend of Mom's] said they have two choices of cards: 50-cent and $1.00 cards. She said there are only two Son-in-Law cards to pick from on the 50-cent side. I chose card No. A665, and it should cost you 53 cents. Go down the block and get your own card; you have as much time as I do. Besides, it saves me a stamp.

P.S. I would probably just read the card and then buy two 25-cent candy bars.




And just for fun, unrelated to my Dad's funny note, a cute picture of Cooper sleeping:

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Anonymous said...

Cute, peaceful sleeping baby! And funny card!

Aunt Jill