Friday, March 23, 2007

Back to Kansas

Because having a baby isn't enough of a major-life stressor for one year, we've decided also to change jobs, sell our house, buy a new house, and move to another state. Alan accepted a teaching position in the Econ Dept at Baker University (my alma mater!), and so we're headed back home to Kansas. We're excited to be going, sad to be leaving, and dreading the hassle of moving. But Cooper is anxious to be closer to the rest of his family. This is the cheer he does to demonstrate his enthusiasm:


And then he makes a handmotion for "wildcats," for the Baker University Wildcats, but that movement is difficult to photograph. So you're stuck with just the B and the U.

In other news, our cats have been (surprisingly, but thankfully, I suppose) uninterested in the newest resident of our home. This picture was staged -- Mikey was sleeping peacefully alone on the couch and I stuck Cooper next to him for the photo op. Neither looks particularly happy.

Here's the 6 week (already?!) aligator shot:

And last night we gave Cooper his first baby tub bath. As expected, he screamed most of the time. But he didn't pee on us or poop in the water, both of which would have been reasonable reactions.

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Anonymous said...

Precious boy! I knew he would be a good cheerleader -- he takes after his mom, his Aunt Jill, or his cousins Bailey and Lizzie!