Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cooper's busy week

Lounged around looking cute. (Though Alan already made fun of me for dressing him in pastel green overalls, saying that he could join the fierce Easter Egg Gang. Apparently "real" overalls are denim. Whatever.)

Took a nap in the swing.

Lounged around looking cute.

Visited Daddy at Eastern Illinois University.

Helped Daddy clean off his desk.

Got a mohawk from Daddy. (One of Alan's co-workers suggested that Cooper's first words should be a plaintive "No, Daddy." I can see her point.)

Next week will be a big week for Cooper -- we're taking the train up to Chicago for several days! Time to explore the big city!


Anonymous said...


Aunt Jill

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Cooper.


Anonymous said...

He keeps getting cuter and cuter! Ellie is VERY jealous of Cooper's plentiful hair. She--at seven months--is still basically bald.