Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Today was a BIG day!

Today, we had our last sonogram. I was a bit nervous, but Emily, who knows the little dude is in there kicking all of the time, knew that everything was going to be okay. That's why she's got such a big smile on her face in the following picture!

And the little guy checked out fine. Our sonographer is super nice, so she spent a lot of time getting us good, recognizeable shots that we could take home with us. For example, check out how cute little Abercrombie is in the following shot. She was also nice enough to label the pictures for us so we wouldn't mistake the little guy's face for, say, well, you know...

So we did all of the major checks: spine (okay), head (about 1.5 weeks oversized -- Emily was not pleased), weight (3 lb. 13 oz, 51st percentile (our kid's above the median!)), kidneys (bean-shaped), heart (beating like a drum). And look, the little guy's got more hair than his pop! We watched his face for awhile, he yawned, and took a couple of drinks, and then when our sonographer got a bit more aggressive with the wand, little Otto raised one side of his lip and gave us his first (but I'm sure not his last) documented sneer. The little whippersnapper.

And look--the sonographer found a turtle in there for little Ignatz to play with! (Make of that what you will...) Who knew that kids came with their own stuffed animals?

Everything is on target for a February 17 delivery--we'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...


You've got another 4 weeks before you have to raise your preparedness level to DEFCON 4.

Glad to hear that Baby Einstein is doing well. By the way I loved the Baby Einstein video series but the woman who invented them is a little too perfect.


Anonymous said...

I've got bets the Tricycle Motor will be born on Feb 18th at 10:52pm....with no labor...if that happens I'm buying a lottery ticket for that Wednesday! At least it won't be too difficult for me to remember his birthday!

Em, Hope no one is giving you funny looks in class like we did the first time around! Ha! So what does the baby's room look like?