Monday, April 02, 2012

Our "noo kor"

"Wee bot a noo kor" = We bought a new car.

On Friday of spring break, after Coop and I got back from Portland, we decided to go test drive a Hyundai Santa Fe.
That's Cooper standing at the table in the background.  You can't tell it, but he's dressed like this:

The mask came off eventually, but I think the overall look helped my negotiations.

We ended up buying the Santa Fe.  Coop was quite taken with the automatic windows and that "this car plays music, Mama!"  Um, yes... yes, it does.

He did a nice job waiting patiently in the dealership while we finished the whole transaction.  For a while, he and I would write notes back and forth to each other.  I would write "Are you hungry?" and he would run over to another table and write his answer ("No.").  I asked if he was sleepy (also no) and what his favorite color was (green).

Here was his question to me:
"Do you want too bee poot in a kav" = Do you want to be put in a cave?  I thought that sounded fun.  Better than his next note, which asked if I wanted to be lit on fire.  Um... no thanks.

Anyway.  Here's the note he wrote to Daddy about the car:
 "The kor is a van theat is green." = The car is a van that is green. 

Indeed it is:
We named him Stanley.  Or, as Cooper calls him, Stan the Van.   (We haven't bothered yet to differentiate between a van and an SUV...)

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Thomas said...

We love our Hyundai. We bought a Tuscon in 2005 and it's been very good to us...127,000+ miles and counting!