Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy (?) 100th Anniversary Titanic!

This weekend marked the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's short voyage. Cooper has been obsessed with the Titanic for a while now. Here were his latest research projects from school:
"the Titanic" 

 "the Titanic hit in isbrg" = The Titanic hit an iceberg.

"the Titanic is seenceeng fast" = The Titanic is sinking fast.  Notice the smokestacks and ladders falling off, as well as the life boats around the sinking ship.

"the Titanic" -- It's underwater in this picture, with submarines exploring it and life boats still on the surface of the water.

When Coop realized that this weekend was the anniversary, he insisted on bringing treats to school.  (Actually, he wanted to have a big party at our house and invite all of his classmates, but I wasn't sure I was up for that...)

I opted for cupcakes with a Titanic shaped cookie on top.  Seemed like a safer bet than a cake with half of the Titanic sticking up out of the water...

Not my best work, but not bad.

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