Monday, January 23, 2012

Cooper and his Daddy

Going for a run during Christmas vacation:
Coop and I actually just went down to the track (1/4 mile away) while Alan took a real (3 mile) run through town.  Coop was crushed that he couldn't go the full distance.

Playing pirate:
(Or at least one of them is.  One may be sleeping...)

Reading at bedtime:

And finally, acting in a play Cooper wrote and directed called The Wizard and the Pirate.  It may be a little difficult to hear the dialogue, but you'll get the general idea, I think:

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Thomas said...

I see and Oscar and a Tony in that boy's future. You couldn't get a better pirate? Scraping there, guys! Kidding of course, or as Christopher now say, "It...was...a...JOKE!" Excellent.