Monday, January 09, 2012

Christmas in Lyons

With cousin Vada:

Cousin Zoey couldn't make it to Lyons this year, so we Skyped with her:

The Grandkid picture:

Decorating sugar cookies:

And Coop got some great gifts.  A pirate watch, which he hasn't taken off since (except for bath time):

At home a few nights later, with watch still on.  And also sporting his new robe.  And Grinch doll.

A dinosaur model that he and Alan put together:

And some fake snow, which is actually pretty amazing.
You add water to this little pile of powder, and it fluffs up like snow.  It doesn't pack well, but it's fun to drive trucks in and bury toys under.

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Thomas said...

That pseudo snow is pretty cool...isn't that the same material they use in diapers to make them more absorbent?