Monday, September 19, 2011

More randomness

One of my Washburn co-workers has a four-year-old daughter who likes to dress up like a pirate.  Score.

She came over in full regalia, and she and Coop vanquished dragons from the yard, had sword fights, and shared the parrot.

I'm guessing Halloween is one of Cooper's favorite holidays.  Not because he can dress up in costume; he does that all year long.  But because there are more props readily available.  His latest acquisition was a witch wig.
Turns out, he hates having hair in his eyes and mouth, so we made witch pigtails.  And fittingly, my witch wig has gray hair in it.

One recent Saturday, we headed out to the Baker wetlands for the monarch butterfly tagging event.

It turned out to be a chilly, rainy day, so all the monarchs were about 40 feet up in the air in the tops of the trees.  That made them a little hard to catch.

But Michael whacked one down with his net.  As it lay on the ground stunned, I swooped in to pick him up.

We were instructed to put a small sticker on the butterfly and to record the sticker number and the butterfly's gender.

After the obligatory photo op, we let him go and told him to "fly away to Mexico!"
Given the blow this one took from Michael's net, we're not entirely confident he'll make it to Mexico, but he's wearing a tag nonetheless!

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Thomas said...

Love these...we took our kids at school to a nature center close by and did the same thing with them. They had a butterfly sanctuary and the whole nine. It was nice...until one of the kids started smashing the caterpillars and had to be escorted out of the area. We had the kids catch bugs with nets and everything...until one kid unknowingly nailed a hornets nest hidden in the tall grass with his net. We got swarmed, but amazingly, only 3 kids got stung (1 got it three times!). Overall, though, it was a pretty interesting trip and the kids really enjoyed it...except for the kids who were stung and the kid who got in trouble for caterpillar homicide...