Monday, May 16, 2011

Here and There

As you may remember from Cooper's British accent videos, he's been playing book store in his room.  One day, we finally sorted through the inventory and tried to stack it by type:  sound books, pirate books, animal books, people books, tv character books, Mr. Men/Little Miss books, and board books.

And then we had to make Open and Closed signs for the store.  Except Cooper's really wordy, so just Open and Closed wouldn't do.  This was my favorite series:

Zyggy let Coop help drive the shuttle bus again!  Ack!

For some reason, Cooper wanted to make a rectangle on his sheets (with packing tape) and then he and all four "kids" have to stay in the rectangle at night.  I'm not sure how well it works.  We can usually hear him putting Baby (the fox puppet) in time-out for getting outside the rectangle...

A tea party with the kids:

A story for this next photo:  When we were packing for this trip, I decided to pack a cross-stitch project to work on (it's actually a Christmas stocking for Cooper; I started it in November 2007.  Heh.).  When we unpacked here, I stuck it in my nightstand drawer.  And promptly forgot about.

We've been trying to pack up some things in anticipation of the trip home, and I came across the stocking.  I was so hacked that I missed out on 3 1/2 months of cross-stitch, that I got it out and started it.  We'll see how much progress I can make in our remaining days here.

One morning, Alan and I took Jack and Cooper to Muddle Go Nowhere.

It's a lovely pub attached to this play place:
Brilliant idea.  Parents can eat lunch and drink beer.  Kids can run around in the giant hamster cage.

And we've been spending as much time as possible with our friends Jack and Abby and Tilda.

Abby painted Cooper's toe nails -- he loved it!

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