Friday, May 06, 2011

4.5-mile Fun Run

One of the British professors is a prostate cancer survivor and he participates in a fun run every year to raise money for cancer research.  He drummed up a few other brave Harlaxton souls, including Alan, to join him in Hose Village for the 4.5-mile Belvoir Fun Run.

Our group, before the race:

Jack and Abby's mom Nancy (in the red t-shirt above) and Tilda's dad Chris (reddish shirt, blue shorts) ran, so all four kids came along to cheer.  While the runners were galavanting around the countryside, I organized a kids race to keep them entertained and burn off some energy.
(As you can see from the START banner, in addition to the 4.5-mile run, there was also a half-marathon, which served as a training race for people participating in the London Marathon.)

(One more note:  Belvoir is pronounced like beaver.  Really, it is.)

Cooper running into the finish.

Alan running into the finish.
(So fast, the photo's blurry!!)

And how about this for a cheering section:

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