Monday, February 07, 2011

Sweet Cooper

Coop's doing such a great job here at Harlaxton.  He's adjusted really well, and he seems to enjoy this adventure.  It can't hurt that there are 170 college kids, all missing their younger siblings, and many quite enamored with Cooper.

So, in honor of the boy's 4th birthday yesterday (photos of the various celebrations to come at a later date), here's a post all about him!

Recall that before we left, Coop was in a costume phase.  So we, of course, brought them to England, along with a few regular clothes (though not many).  And the costumes are a hit.  Here's a sampling of some you might not have seen:

Someone gave Coop a Robin Hood hat.  (We're planning to visit Sherwood Forest sometime during the semester!)

I found this Superman t-shirt at a thrift store in town.  Add a towel and a clothespin, and *voila* the perfect costume for flying through the manor:

We walked outside one day as Superman, and you probably didn't know this, but the cape must go OUTSIDE of the coat.  And the coat cannot be zipped up or else people will not be able to see the Superman shirt.

Coop's Santa costume.  Not timely, but still cute.
Even cuter when he gets in the elevator and calls it the chimney.  Here, he's "laying a finger aside of his nose, and giving a nod, up the chimney he rose."

And here he is with his sack of toys:

 This is Blue, from the kids tv show Blues Clues.  Cooper, I mean Blue, is using his paw to leave a paw print on the wall -- that means it's a clue!

A new costume -- chain mail and a helmet!
I bought this one in the gift shop of a castle we toured.  At which point I came to fully realize that Cooper really is just a baby doll for me to play with and dress up in fun outfits.  Like a living Cabbage Patch Kid!

Just like at home, we're starting a nature collection on our dining room table:
A clump of dirt/grass, a couple of big leaves, five rocks (including a heart-shaped one that I picked up), three seed pods from a tree, a chunk of brick, a "family of pine cones," and a yellow flower.

Coop and I both needed haircuts recently, so we found Miss Lisa.  Coop did a great job.
(We bribed him with candy.)

The shuttle driver Zyggy is really sweet and kind to Coop and the other faculty kids.  He even let Coop drive the shuttle van!  (Good grief.)
Ok, this is going to be a really long story.  And it's probably one of those "had to be there" things.  But it's so sweet, so I'm going to tell it anyway.  Feel free to skip the next couple of paragraphs if you'd like.

Coop and I take the shuttle every day, so he's pretty used to the routine.  As we pull up to the castle, Zyggy usually asks if there are any students who want to get off at the Carriage House (the living quarters that aren't attached to the castle), and then he'll stop to let off anyone who lives there.

One day, as we approached the Carriage House, Cooper (on his own initiative) says "Is there anyone who wants to get out at the Carriage House?"  And you could tell that the students (who aren't as familiar with the shuttle routine) couldn't quite decide whether to giggle at Coop or to take him seriously.  Finally one guys says, "Um, actually... I would."

So Zyggy stops and lets him out, and then tells Coop that he's doing such a good job being in charge that maybe he should drive.  So we body-surf Cooper up to the front of the shuttle and he helps Zyggy drive it to the castle parking lot.  He loved it, though he did almost run into the principal's car.


Brandon said...

I love reading your posts! I guess we all get to live in a castle vicariously through Cooper! What a great experience for him (and the rest of you, too!). Hopefully he will be able to remember it when he gets older.

FYI- I just have to point out that you began this post by saying this one is all about Cooper. Well, they're all about Cooper! LOL

Twila said...

Cooper or not...they are chocked full of fun with a big dash of history tucked in. Lovin' all the updates, costumes, stories.....and living in a castle???? Extraordinary life you lead, you kids from Kansas!!--No one will ever believe Cooper some day down the road when he tells his buddies he lived in a castle!!! They will just think he wore one too many costumes....! Imagine that bit of reality he can whip out!