Monday, February 21, 2011

More interior photos

This is the inside of the front door of our castle.  It's actually always locked, except special occasions (our arrival, the day the manor hosted a wedding, etc.).

The front foyer:

A close-up of the guys with headaches that are all around the Great Hall.

A lovely intricate ceiling in one room.  (I can't remember which now, and I'm too lazy to walk all through the castle to find it.)

There's a separate building for sports-related activities.  (I laughed at the personalized sign.  Impressive.)

The exercise area:
And there's also a basketball court available to students -- the Harlaxton Lions, our team is called!  And they play in some area rec league.

One night, I unlocked the magic that is the Bosendorfer piano:
I left all of my music at home, so I set my laptop on top of the piano and pulled up music on-line.  It was fantastic, and I played until my laptop battery died.

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