Thursday, June 17, 2010

What the one-armed boy has been doing

Everytime I comment to Cooper that something is difficult with just one arm, he reminds me that he does in fact have two arms.  Alrighty then.  Duly noted.

So here's what the two-armed boy has been doing lately, using only his left arm.

Playing Candyland:

Watching movies:

Eating at a little bench, so he doesn't have to climb up on a big chair.  (Notice the cape -- it's not a bib, thankyouverymuch -- to help with messy left-handed eating.)

Talking to his grandmas on the phone, both of whom have injured their arm/shoulder/wrist in the recent past:

Playing pirate ship:

One-armed painting:

Lots of reading:


Karen said...

Well it looks like Coop hasn't been hampered all that much by his injury! But then, he DOES have two arms. I love the photo of him with the sunglasses, watching movies. And of course the forward-facing cape is an elegant look.

Get better soon, Coop!

The Kane Family said...

Its all good in the hood for "The Coop"