Monday, June 21, 2010

June excitement

Check out this look:
Sunglasses, pink princess cell phone, and a face of sheer awe.  What on earth?

We have friend who bought this old Catholic church in town.  Coop and I got to go watch a crane lift off the bell tower.  He was mesmerized.

And he spent nearly the entire time we were there on this phone narrating the scene to his buddy Mr. William from daycare.
And I even got admonished once to "be quiet while I'm having a conversation!"

This is Alan and his half-ironman team from a couple of weeks ago. 
From left to right: Chris, the swimmer, Dek, the biker (who was at K-State when Alan was there), and Alan, the runner.

Playing in the doctor's office waiting room (and talking on that blasted cell phone again!):

Red Chicken:
Still alive and well.  Though I'm guessing if she knew what that was, she wouldn't be sitting so close.

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The Kane Family said...

Hmmmm...thoughts of mesquite-smoked chicken dancing through my head...