Monday, January 18, 2010


Cooper loves anything with wheels.  Miss Brenda, his daycare provider, knows this and picked out this great truck for Cooper for Christmas:

And we have a nice little circle around the house to drive (or race) vehicles.  So naturally Cooper wants Alan to also drive something, usually a firetruck, around the circle.

We'll be tapping into Coop's college fund for Alan's chiropractic bills.

We found a great book of Tonka puzzles that Cooper's really been enjoying working on:

And one of my recent favorite pictures.  (And yes, he's pants-less again.  And no, I have no idea why.)

Back in July, Grandpa Cecil and Grandma Joan took us to their pond for a fishing trip.  Grandpa Cecil loaded up the gator on the trailer behind his truck, and drove it to the pasture.  And then we rode to the pond to fish and boat.

Above, Coop has re-enacted that adventure.  His green gator is loaded up on his semi-truck's trailer.  He asked for a bowl of water to be the pond.  And the yellow boat (in his right hand) is ready to start fishing!

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