Thursday, January 21, 2010

Apparently, the boy does not have enough toys.

Styrofoam packing:

Packing tape on the kitchen table:

In the kitchen cabinet:

Playing with scissors:

Poor deprived child...


Karen said...

Oh, those are the best kind of toys! I used to love taking those molded styrofoam thingies into the bathtub with me and using them as floating islands for my little Fisher-Price people. They all had their own little apartments and schools and . . . well, anyway.

As always, Cooper is adorable! I wonder what the idea was with the packing tape on the table? Some kind of impromptu racetrack, maybe? :)

Anonymous said...

The home made wrestling ring I made for Tim 3 years ago is still used daily. I'm putting it in the Christmas present Hall of Fame some day.

Hope the finish didn't come off the table with that packing tape.