Monday, August 31, 2009

Mini-Vacation, Part III (and final)

We spent one morning at Cabela's. Cooper loved anything that looked like Grandma Joan's gator.

Looking at the taxidermied animals. (Frankly, we should have just come here instead of the zoo. We saw about 30 times more animals here, and to be honest, they moved around about as much as the ones at the zoo did.)

Trying out a tent:

We went to The Legend's shopping area and spent probably 30 minutes running circles around this big fountain.

And we ate lunch at the T-Rex Cafe, a dinosaur themed restaurant that charged exhorbitant prices for cutesy named things like Layer of the Earth Lasagna and Chicken Ceasarsaurus Salad.

Cooper had these cute little mini hot dogs. Which I'm sure were really called Paleozoic Bones on Buns or something.

Saying hi to one of the big dinosaurs.
I was actually quite impressed that he wasn't more hestitant and scared. It was fairly loud. And the giant dinosaurs were all moving (their heads and arms, not like wandering around the restaurant). But he seemed to enjoy it.

Not enough to justify spending that kind of money for lunch on any regular basis. But it was fun as a special end-of-vacation treat!


Karen said...

I, too, have seen the glory that is Cabela's, and I have to agree that the animals there are at least as exciting as the ones at the KC Zoo. Have you guys been to the Natural History Museum on KU's campus? That's got some neat taxidermied animals, as well as some reptiles and fish that are still very much alive. Bet Coop would love it.

Hope your mini-vacation was as fun as the photos made it seem!

Rhonda said...

Our boys loved the T-Rex Cafe! It's hard to ignore the fact that you could have bought entire packages of hotdogs for the price of the one they ate, but it's fun none-the-less.