Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mini-Vacation, Part II

We decided to go visit the Kansas City Zoo. It wasn't the highlight of the week. It was stinkin' hot and humid. And the KC Zoo is very spread out. We walked for what felt like four hours before we finally saw a sleeping cheetah and a warthog buried in mud. Fabulous.

This little ride-on car was in the air conditioned building, so we spent a shockingly long time hanging out on it:

One evening, we went to a T-Bones baseball game. For six measly dollars, we got in to the ballpark and sat out behind right field.

And when we got tired of actually watching the game, which happened by about the second inning, we enjoyed the stadium's playground.

In the hotel the next morning, Cooper got the leftover hot dogs and chicken out of the mini-fridge and ate them for breakfast.This was shortly before I accepted my Breakfast-Maker of the Year award.


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Unknown said...

I love this mini-adventure you two are having! And I think hot dogs and chicken are perfectly appropriate for breakfast when you're on vacation. It's really no different than having bacon for breakfast, right? Very cute photos, especially the one where Cooper's driving the zoo animals around!