Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pure cuteness

Practicing putting on shoes

Reading in the car. I loved how he tucked his one foot under the other leg.

Shh... he's hiding.

Doing a better job hiding:

On an airplane (for our Portland trip):



Anonymous said...

Can't beat flopping on the bed. i've got some WWE videos when you're ready.


Karen said...

Fantastic photos! Cooper is excellent at hide-n-seek, especially in the second picture. It actually took me a moment to see him because his hair blended in with the wheels and his shirt with the walls. Perfect camouflage!

And I love the video. Very clever thinking with the floatie ring.

Anonymous said...

Tim is busting a gut laughing at Coop flopping on the bed.


Alan said...

Tell Tim that it's GOT to be better than the wiggles, Nuge.

The Kane Family said...

did you get the insurance information from the driver of that car? I think this is some sort of hit-and-run situation!