Thursday, July 02, 2009

Can I get an amen?

  • I recently learned that I'll have a full-time job at KU this coming school year. One of our legal writing people is leaving, which leaves a spot just my size. I'll still technically be an adjunct this year, since everything happened sort of at the last minute. And then next year, the law school will conduct an official search and formal interview process for a full-time permanent position. Hurray!

  • Alan got word that he'll be teaching in England for the Spring 2011 semester! Every semester, Baker sends a group of students and one faculty member to Harlaxton College to study. We're on the list! I'm looking forward to sending Cooper to a little preschool there so he can start calling me "Mummy."

  • We finalized a contract to sell our IL house this past weekend! YAY! Closing is set for mid-August, and then, at long last, we'll only have one mortgage payment again. I can't even imagine how that feels...

  • And finally, I cut Cooper's hair. Myself. With clippers. I was thinking "cute, short, summer cut." But I ended up with a "will soon turn 12, where's my little baby" cut.

"It itches."

Check out the cute cowlick!

Miss Martha, the professional who usually cuts his hair, always has a sucker for him when he's done. I had to keep up the tradition.

The next day:

Yup. Still a big boy hair cut.


The Kane Family said...

It was awesome getting to witness the metamorphosis over the weekend! Also congrats again on the selling the IL house...that must be a great burden lifted from your shoulders! Congrats on the KU job and Alan's going to Harlaxton. I feel so important that I got to see some of the events come into play while I was there!

Karen said...

Wow, sounds like several rounds of congratulations are in order here! Congrats to Emily for the full-time teaching job. That's fantastic! Congrats to Cooper on his big boy haircut. Congrats to all of you on finally...finally...selling the house. Congrats to Alan on the Harlaxton gig! You guys will have a fabulous time, and I bet Cooper will be absolutely fascinated by everything Brit. We spent a couple of nights at Harlaxton on my interterm trip, and I really enjoyed it. The building alone is breathtaking. I heard that it's haunted, though. So, you know. Watch out for that.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all for the wonderful events unfolding! It couldn't happen to a nicer family!

Cooper, you don't look like a baby anymore in that haircut. You look like a young man.
Aunt Jill

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Grant's! I hope Coop gets to wear a cool uniform with shorts and sport coat. Better brush up on Pink Floyd's, "We don't need no education".