Thursday, February 19, 2009


We're terrifically envious of our friend Gus, who lives really close to a nice large zoo. He even got to go on Christmas!
So we've taken advantage of some unseasonably warm winter weather, and we headed over to the Topeka Zoo.

Cooper spent quite a bit of time picking up rocks that we wanted to give to the elephants.

Cooper wanted to see monkeys, so we had a lovely chat with this Mama and Baby orangutan.
The big gorilla we saw was "picking his boogies" one time, and eating carrots and lettuce the next. One out of two ain't bad for behaviors to encourage, I guess.
We got to feed this guy:
And then, we got to play in the sink!

Oh, and one time we were there, a lady was using a hose to spray water in a cage. That really was a high point in the morning for Cooper!


Anonymous said...

Really Cute!

Radical Homeschoolers of Ohio said...

Gus loves these pictures, and I've always quite liked the Topeka Zoo. It seems you can get nice and cozy with the inhabitants.