Friday, February 06, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Boy.

The yellow digger cake I made:

A much tastier cake for everyone to eat:
And yes, there are four candles on it. Cooper was playing with two, so I dug out two more for the cake. And then he decided his two should also go on the cake. This picture will totally confound me in about 25 years. "Really? Four? He looks so little for a 4-year-old...?"

Cooper liked the yellow digger cake, but I hadn't adequately prepped him that it was actually a cake. He cried when the window came off on his hand. But then picked off all the M&Ms to eat.

Presents! With gusto!


Unknown said...

I LOVE the digger cake. What a clever idea.

Happy birthday, Cooper! :D

Unknown said...

Oh, this post made me cry. I'm grateful that you're a little up ahead of me Emily, as it helps me see the way a bit clearer. Now I know to wrap all of Gus' presents in kleenex!

Happiest TWO Cooper!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Coop!