Sunday, July 06, 2008

We visited a nature center in Lawrence that had this viewing station for lots of bird feeders. And if you pushed the buttons where Cooper is standing, you could hear lots of different bird calls. Cooper's bird noises all sound the same ("teet teet"), but he loved standing here to watch and listen.

Who knew he was talented enough to blow up a balloon poodle?

We've started coloring a bit. Unfortunately Cooper likes to eat crayons still, so we mostly give him plastic pens. But these fancy crayons are designed especially for little toddler hands. He used them appropriately for a bit, then pitched them over the side of the high chair. They make a much cooler sound than regular crayons when you drop them!


Cooper and Parker ready for a trip to the pool:

Cooling off over the air conditioning vent at the end of a long, hot day:

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The Kane Family said...

Wow...he's looking more and more like Emily every time I check him out. Very cute. Good work, guys.